Getting Started

Dorset Websites work closely with you at the start to get the info required, be it for a website only or a combination of website and online marketing. We then work behind the scenes to create your website and/or marketing campaigns and keep them running smoothly. Our experts are always available for a chat to support and train you throughout.

1. Fill out our simple online form

First, give us a few of your contact details and as much or as little infomration about your requirements.
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2. Quick chat to start things off

We then get in touch to check we’ve got everything and make sure we’re right for each other. If all’s well at this stage, make your first payment and we’ll schedule your first appointment call to get sign off your website and marketing needs.
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3. Website and/or marketing appointment call

We’ll ask you lots of (non technical!) questions about you and your business, so we can make an attractive, relevant and navigable website. For example, what services do you offer? What colours or other sites do you like/use? And so on. Our designers and copy writers then draft the following:

You get…

  • A theme you like. We have a library of effective designs with a range of layouts and colours, which we select for you to align with your personal preferences and requirements.
  • Photos and imagery to bring your website to life, specific to your business sector. This include a main image (to catch attention), feature images (to show your services) and a gallery page (optional). We source the images ourselves, so your website is ready to go right out of the box, but we can also swap them for your own or help you add more if you like. For example, photos of your completed projects could look great in your gallery.
  • Responsive design, so your website works as well on any phone or computer. Most people look for services on their phones, so it’s important that your website is phone-friendly.

Your website needs to tell people about what you do. That means you need some words, which can be surprisingly hard to write when you find yourself in the spotlight… but it’s easy to talk to someone over the phone, right? So that’s where we start. We use the information you give us over the phone, and we flesh it out with a helping hand from humans and technology.

You get…

  • Headlines and straplines to summarise what your business does, to help a person who lands on your website say straight away: “I get it”.
  • Your own unique intro paragraphs to give the context of your business, its story, location.
  • Service descriptions: we create these through a combination of what you tell us on the phone plus our own research.
  • Questions and answers specific to your sector, for example “Do you deliver?”, “Are you available on weekends?”.
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4. See your website within 48 hours

Ready for the digital frontier! We’ll email you as soon as your website is live.
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5. Need changes or training? No problem

You can tell us to update your website or account information at anytime via the Helpdesk. For example, you might like to swap a photo we’ve sourced for one of your own. Up to 24 hours turnaround.

You get…

  • An easy way to get your website edited or updated (for free), so you’ve no need to battle with computer code or panic about breaking anything.
  • An easy way to add new content. This means you can add or change images, text, contact information, send in reviews you’ve gathered, edit your services, or add optional extras such as a social media feed.
  • More accurate edits. When you tell us what changes you want through your Dashboard, rather than by phone or email, there’s less room for error.
  • Faster edits. We can jump on them right away, because your request zips straight through to our dedicated technical team (unlike phone or email requests).
  • A lead management platform. This is connected to your contact form, so you can keep track of conversations with potential customers who’ve found you online and follow up with them.
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6. We manage the technical stuff

To keep your website’s lights on we do your security updates, performance upgrades, domain registration and hosting, basic SEO, and all the other techy (boring but important) stuff you’d probably rather not worry about.

You get…

  • Top-tier web hosting. Think of “hosting” like the online cupboard where we keep your website. We use secure and reliable service providers to make sure your website works well, all the time.
  • A Google maps location marker, which displays a map on your website to help your customers find you.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): in humanspeak, this aims to improve a website’s chances of showing up in Google when someone searches for it. A website’s structure and content is important for SEO.
  • A domain name (the “www” thing): your website comes with either a “”, “.ca” or “.com” domain name, depending where you’re based. We register it in your name, so it’s yours for life.
  • Email forwarders to help you build your professional brand. We offer a free “[email protected](/ /.ca)” forwarding address.
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Support and contact

Consult our FAQs page and feel free to send an email to our Support team: [email protected]


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